Covre was founded in 1980 by failing to immediately establish itself as a leader in the manufacturing of leather thanks to the high levels of specialization that characterize each individual production. The care affixed to every little detail of each of the productions Covre, from the smallest to the most elaborate, is flanked today the creation of objects designed according to the needs of each individual consumer and meeting the rquisiti most in demand today.


The productions Covre ranging from the field of accessories up to the highest design articles dedicated to the house. Belts and bags alongside well to products that have made the history Covre and have made much wider choice of products and sought not only in the typical environment of the leather. The Italian design and high quality materials Covre allowed to appear in the catalogs of the most renowned design firms signed "Made in Italy", a result that poses a further guarantee of quality to the brand. Artisans at the highest level are also adequately supported by designe internationally renowned for always get a result of great value: Marina Bani and Marco Penates are only examples of dedication to their profession and big designers of some of the "flagships" signed Covre.


Maria Bani and Marco Penati are the designers that created Archimede, Pitagora and Euclide. Their history as designers is rich and varied. After founding their design studio in 1997, Studio Sigla, they have collaborated with various multinational companies in this sector such as Pirelli Sapsa, Pyrex, Saint Gobain Glass and Bormioli Rocco for the development of consumer goods. They designed and realised exhibitions and furniture in Europe, Russia and Japan. They created workshops for various companies in Spain, Turkey, Greece and France with the aim of introducing in those countries the culture and the methods of the Italian design. Their creations have been -and still are- present in the catalogues of some the most prestigious companies of the Italian design such as Arflex, Baleri Italia, Desalto, Fontana Arte, Flou, Tisettanta, Zanotta. In the field of the traditional furniture they have created some collections for Colombostile and Medea. In particular, on behalf of Colombostile they projected and implemented the engineering of the collection Elits’, which is composed of furnishing objects completely covered in leather. They both live and work in Brianza, the heart of the Italian design and furniture district.

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